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Lõi lọc khí Jemaco

JF Air Filter

JF Filter Series

Oil, dust, dirt and water, alone or in combination, these are the enemies that attack any compressed air system. These can plug orifices of sensitive pneumatic instruments, wear out seals, erode system components, reduce efficiency of air-operated tools, damage finished products and otherwise contribute to product rejects, lost production hours and rising maintenance costs. So The JF Series filters can meet with every need. Choose one of the five filter types, or link them together for specialized applications.

The Character of A Product - Type

High Efficiency Coalescing(Type HF)

  • Type HF filters provide high efficiency for removal of oil liquids and aerosol mists.

Coarse Coalescing(Type PF)

  • Type PF filter is designed for applications which do not require high efficiency filtration. Also recommended as a pre-filter to prolong the lifespans of high efficiency coalescing.

Fine Particulate(Type DF)

  • Type DF filter removes fine particulates material from the air stream. Particularly suited for use as a desiccant dryer afterfilter.

Vapor(Type CF)

  • Type CF filter incorporates activated carbon to remove hydrocarbon vapors and trace organic contaminants and their associated smells and tastes.

Coarse Particulate(Type GF)

  • Type GF filter remove coarse particulate material from the air stream. Particularly suited for use as prefilter to coalescer.

Your Benefits with JF Series

  • Easy maintenance : drop in, snap up filter elements
  • Operational reliability : high quality components
  • Energy saving : low pressure drop
  • Problem free application : silicone free